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March 1, 2022 

Dear Parents/Guardians: 

Governor Murphy exercised his executive powers during a pandemic and has lifted the mask mandate in schools effective March 7, 2022. In addition, the CDC also just announced they will be removing the mask mandate from buses as well. The overall risk of severe disease is now generally lower however, the coronavirus, is expected to continue to circulate and we must remain vigilant with our protocols to remain in-person in our schools. Thus, our schools in Upper Deerfield Township, as a precaution, will be recommending but not requiring masks as this leaves the choice to each individual staff, parent, and student with regard to mask wearing in our schools and on the buses. Throughout the pandemic these past two years there have been varied reports, recommendations, suggestions, etc. that have created much confusion and in some cases, divisiveness. What we do know is the virus poses a risk, particularly for immunocompromised and other vulnerable populations and we understand there will be individuals electing to continue to wear masks for these, and perhaps other reasons. With the recommendation and not required in place effective March 7, we do ask that everyone respect the decision of each person and be accepting of the decision to wear or not wear a mask. In addition, please let your child’s teacher know if you wish for your child to wear the mask. Please understand however, it is not the responsibility of the teacher or other staff to ensure your child wears the mask if you elect to have him/her do so. In our schools we will continue to take extra precautions as we monitor the cases in our county and take direction from our local health department as we have these past two years. Mitigation protocols will continue to remain in place and we will adjust our protocols based on the monitoring of our situation. This includes the quarantine periods that are in effect at this time. Anyone who is positive for Covid would be under the 5 day quarantine period after the date of test. To return from a quarantine an individual would wear a mask upon return on day 6 until day 10 as would close contacts or remain under quarantine until day 10 if the individual were to elect to not wear a mask. There is still uncertainty ahead and things can change. However, we have made it to this point dealing with all these uncertainties and changes as an entire school community and we will continue to do so. Our goal has and continues to be to keep students in school. By remaining vigilant and responsible as we have, we will continue on our path and provide the best opportunity for our students, parents, and staff in overcoming the challenges of this pandemic. 


Peter L. Koza, Ed. D. 

Superintendent of Schools